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How To Create A Standalone Executable from MATLAB m-files

A standalone executable is built with the MATLAB compiler mcc. You can run the standalone on a similar computer without MATLAB installed.
On such a computer, however, the MATLAB Compiler Runtime (MCR) library, available free of charge from Mathworks, must be installed.

The standaloneDemo folder

  1. makefile.m -- app-specific m-file to help make.m create exec
  2. make.m -- performs the compilation (>> make )
  3. myApp.m -- example user application's main program
  4. myStandalone.m -- optional starting m-file
  5. mybash.txt -- append to your .bashrc file
  6. mycsh.txt -- append to your .cshrc file
  7. README.html -- this file
  8. -- zip file of this directory
  9. run_standalone_job -- batch script for running standalone

Procedures for generating and running a MATLAB standalone on the SCC (or other Linux clusters)

  1. If you do not have access to Boston University's Shared Computing Cluster (SCC), you may download the file.
    Upon unzipping it, follow the steps starting from "cd run-matlab-standalone"
  2. If you have access to Boston University's Shared Computing Cluster (SCC), it is more convenient to
    scc1$ cp -r /project/scv/examples/matlab/misc/run-matlab-standalone your-preferred-path
    scc1$ cd run-matlab-standalone
    scc1$ matlab&
    >> addpath codes2compile   % to access myApp.m
    >> mcc -mv -o myExecR2013a myStandalone.m myApp.m
  3. Append mysch.txt and mybash.txt to .cshrc and .bashrc in your home directory
    scc1% cat mycsh.txt >> ~/.cshrc
    scc1% cat mybash.txt >> ~/.bashrc
  4. To make the changes effective immediately
    scc1$ source ~/.bashrc     <== if you run the bash shell
    scc1% source ~/.cshrc      <== if you run the csh shell
  5. To run executable myExecR2013a
For additional details, please visit: How to Generate a MATLAB Standalone Executable
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