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RCS sample CUDA code

This directory contains an example cuda program named ""

Program Compilation:

nvcc -o helloCuda -arch sm_20

Program Execution:

CUDA programs must be executed on a GPU-enabled machine. To request a node with GPUs, execute the following commands at the SCC prompt:
qsh -V -l gpus=1
module load cuda/5.0

Users who are members of any Medical Campus projects must also include their project group name:
qsh -P groupname -V -l gpus=1
module load cuda/5.0

When the terminal window appears, to execute the program, type:

Contact Information

Katia Oleinik:

Operating System Requirements

The examples presented in this directory were written for Linux OS, but should work on any OS where
- c and nvcc compilers available
- NVIDIA's GPU(s) with compute capability 2.0 and higher