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RCS sample C code

This directory contains solutions to the exercises in the Introduction to C Programming tutorial (for PowerPoint slides, see

Copy the Files

On the SCC, you can copy all of these files to your home directory by executing the command:
    scc1% cp -r /project/scv/examples/c/tutorials ~/.
    scc1% cd ~/tutorials

Program Compilation:

cd into subdirectory (e.g., ex03), and type 'make' if a Makefile is present; otherwise, type gcc [sourcename.c] (e.g., gcc Celcius2.c).

Program Execution:

To execute the program, type the name of the executable at an SCC prompt (e.g., a.out, dotprod, etc.)

Contact Information

Robert Putnam:

Operating System Requirements

The examples presented in this directory were written for Linux OS, but should work on any OS where a C compiler is available. The way the program is compiled and executed depends on the OS and software used.