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Tophat package example

- the simple single thread tophat job

- using -p option to run tophat with multithreads

To run tophat at the command line, first load all the prerequisites and tophat module:

scc4% module load intel/2016
scc4% module load bowtie2/
scc4% module load boost/1.58.0
scc4% module load tophat/2.1.1

Then check the following command out:
scc4% tophat -o tophat_st_out $SCC_TOHHAT_EXAMPLES/test_data/test_ref $SCC_TOHHAT_EXAMPLES/test_data/reads_1.fq $SCC_TOHHAT_EXAMPLES/test_data/reads_2.fq

The above command will use the test data provided in Tophat examples directory to show the simple tophat command to align two paired read files (reads_1.fq, and reads_2.fq). The alignment result is put at 'tophat_st_out/' under current directory.

To submit a job, execute command:
scc4% qsub -P my_project my_tophat_job.qsub

Manual for Tophat:

NOTES worth to point out:

When running TopHat with paired reads it is critical that the *_1 files an the *_2 files appear in separate comma-delimited lists, and that the order of the files in the two lists is the same.
Usage: tophat [options]* <genome_index_base> <reads1_1[,...,readsN_1]> [reads1_2,...readsN_2]

As of the date, TopHat can align reads that are up to 1024 bp long.

It's NOT recommended to mix pair-end and single end reads together in one run, for it will give sub-optimal result.

TopHat's default values for paramteres are tuned for processing mammalian RNA-Seq reads. For other species/organism, it's recommended to set some of the parameters with more strict, conservative values than their defaults.